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Comedy thriller

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Bullying is no child's play.


In his attempt to prevent his secret girl doll from being exposed to the public, a timid boy must go through perilous games with a psychopathic girl.


Introvert Tim Dye prefers to enjoy his solitary times with his secret raggedy doll, Lady Crumbleson, in spite of his parents' concern about his aloofness. One fateful day in recess, one of his drawings flies out from him and finds itself into the hands of amiable Lucy Kricfalusi. Impressed by his artistic style, Lucy requests Tim to produce more drawings for her, thus a friendship between them is formed.

When Tim invites Lucy to her house and takes his eyes off from her, she discovers Lady Crumbleson in his secret compartment. Tim finds out and begs her not to reveal Crumbleson to his parents and everyone at school, for he is unwilling to suffer public humiliation. She agrees under his ultimatum: on a daily basis, he must play with her in her favorite games after school.

Tim finds himself out of his elements in extreme sports with Lucy. During which, he learns that she has little interest in her best friend from her past, Chloe Stiller. Lucy warns him that their deal will be off if he fails to succeed in another extreme sport.

Tim delays the humiliation by inadvertently besetting Lucy in wood biking. Just as she ruthlessly climbs back to the top, she falls into a trance at the sight of the lake. Following her stumble and rescue by him, Lucy decides to give extreme sports a break and focus on delivering cruel justice at school with him. Tim reluctantly agrees to make a switch.

Tim blunders in following Lucy's justice system by pulling pranks on unsuspecting victims. Although he eventually succeeds in directing the wrath of school bully Mortimer towards innocent victim JC, he breaks the deal with Lucy. Consequently, Lucy steals Lady Crumbleson as her captive and leaves a threat message before Jason finds out in horror.

As his secret about his playtimes with Lady Crumbleson is already out by Lucy, Tim suffers from everyone's verbal abuses before instigating a fistfight with Lucy out of his rage. Upon his school suspension, he discloses his fear of being judged by anyone to his parents.

In his comforting act, throughout their Internet research, Tim's father, Roy Dye, leads Tim to the truth about Lucy and Chloe in their lake incident. Finally recognizing Lucy as a bully that wants to share her sadism with him, Tim regains his confidence in order to put an end to the torment by her. 

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