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Experimental, versatile and whacked out. These black magic spells are what make me a one-of-a-kind Singaporean-Burmese storyteller. Rebel that I am, I strive to put unorthodox spins on subject matters and characterizations like no one has ever done before - from a Western thriller co-starring a Chinese cowgirl to a romantic music video about a young man’s vain resistance to romance.

Throughout my childhood, I was diagnosed with an overactive imagination. The main symptom being conjured up fantasies of legendary characters from the Golden Age of Animation in various adventures and misadventures - from Mickey Mouse and Bugs Bunny, to Tom & Jerry. What was my prescription? 

Get going at the age of 13 and going long for over 15 years! Try knocking it out of the park at art classes in international schools, followed by multimedia courses in two art institutes.

One fateful day, I got splashed with hot coffee by some of my Animation Mentors - most notably university clown Tom Bertino - who suggested I had a better chance of finding my rightful place in the animation industry by taking a daily dose of Screenwriting. The eventual result was having the screenplay of my live-action/animated feature film, Grandeurs De L’illusion, ripped out from my brain.

Recently, my mother misguided me to success on selling health supplements and distributing hospital supplies. But not misguiding enough as I started to break into the animation industry as an animation specialist at Noirtainment Productions - but not long enough, sadly. Even before all of those, I made a good reputation as a multimedia freelancer on Fiverr.

Ben Htoo
Writing on Computer

"If your story calls for human beings, use live-action. It is cheaper, quicker and more believable. If, as a director, I could train a live coyote and a live road runner to act, I would use them."

Chuck Jones, animation filmmaker

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