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Police comedy

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Great potential is best realized without high expectations.


A stray dog finds itself in the middle between Jake and Rosa, Gina upstages Amy in police duty, and Terry lends his bodybuilding formula to Charles with dire results.


The NYPD detectives break into the illegal drug-dealing activity, held by ringleader Nigel Cross. Cross' pet dog, Conall, turns the tide when jokey Jake Peralta manipulates him to stop slobbering the eccentric Charles Boyle in vain and to bite Cross in the crotch.

Revealing that Conall is a stray dog all along, Jake takes him in and sets to train as a police dog. Stress bomb Amy Santiago disapproves the idea, but is proven wrong when she learns that stoic Captain Ray Holt had already allowed Jake to follow his intent. However, it is the dog's instant fondness for rough-and-tough Rosa Diaz that starts to derail Jake's quest.

Upon the surprising fact that harebrained Gina Linetti can prevent any perpetrator's attack by reasoning, Holt assigns Amy to put Gina's newfound asset to the test. Meanwhile, Charles enlists the help of neurotic Sgt. Terry Jeffords to help him anticipate another dog attack.

Conall succeeds in undergoing Jake's highly ambitious obstacle course, yet only to impress Rosa. Believing that Rosa is out to sabotage his dog training on Holt's behalf, Jake makes a bet with her on whether Conall should work at the 99th Precinct or not.

Gina rescues Amy from the wrath of the graffiti perp by persuading him to find a permission wall for his graffiti art. Despite Gina's success, Amy does not see real potential in her.

Following Charles' failed gym workout, Terry gives a bodybuilding formula to Charles for a quick effect. As persuaded to defy his own warning about the downside of any bodybuilding formula, Charles takes a sip and becomes a savage beast, the Incredible Chuck. Terry ends up fleeing after invoking his wrath.

Amy storms off when Gina persuades a sexual harasser to help them track down another harasser through her reverse seduction. Jake performs dog tricks in front of Conall alongside Rosa, but no luck. Terry breaks out from his hiding when Charles starts mauling the dogs of former drug captive Denise.

Jake finally succeeds in winning back Conall by executing an unorthodox unicycle trick. Amy and Gina give chase after their moment about self-empowerment and discovery of Conall's real owner, Eric. As Terry futilely attempts to break up a fight between Charles and the dog, Jake accidentally runs into it and gets mauled by Charles. Conall (now Bill) rushes to Jake's rescue and gets in a fight with Charles. Amy shines as Gina's mentor when she soothes Charles by singing "Happy" to him - even though it is actually Gina's idea.

Despite the eventual reunion between Bill and Eric, Jake refuses to let Bill go. Rosa convinces him to do so by trusting Eric in dog training.

Although not seeing much progress in Gina's police performance, Holt informs Amy that her role as Gina's mentor is to help Gina create a balance between discipline and freewheeling. Meanwhile, Jake and Rose share a moment with each other about having their own dogs. Inept Michael Hitchcock and Norma Scully attempt to cheer Jake up with their box of baked donuts. As Jake and Rosa soon realize that Hitchcock and Scully's donuts are made of dog ingredients, Rosa splats Hitchcock in the face with her share.

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